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Download Hotspot APP to make android mobile as WiFi Hotspot

Let’s learn how to make your android mobile as WiFi Hotspot and share android internet amongst other devices such as tablet and PC. We have mentioned some of the popular Hotspot APP to download which will convert your android mobile into WiFi Hotspot. Your phone will start broadcasting Wireless Signals for other devices. These app have many features one of them is to see detail list of all connected devices.

Download Hotspot APP

PdaNet+(FoxFi) , WiFi HotSpot / WiFi Tether, Wifi Hotspot & USB Tether Lite, T-Mobile HotSpot Connect, HotSpot Toggle, Mobile Hotspot, WiFi Hotspot, BEETMobile, portable Wifi Hotspot

There are bunch of other free Android APPs are available to download in market to make your android phone as WiFi Hotspot. Features you may get with these Downloadable Hotspot APPs:

Features you may get with these Downloadable Hotspot APPs:

  • See total number of device connected with their details
  • Define Hotspot turn off timer
  • Automatically turn off when low battery
  • Automatically turn on
  • Maximum security: enforces highest encryption standard

Let’s learn how to install and configure PdaNet+(FoxFi) Hotspot APP

This APP Turn your Android phone into free WiFi hotspot or USB broadband modem.

> In your android phone open Google Play Store
> TAP on APP, TAP on Search, Type PdaNet
> TAP on PdaNet+(FoxFi), TAP on Install, TAP on “Accept”, It will install Application in your phone
> Open your application, check “Activate WiFi Hotspot”
> You can also change default Network Name and Password
That’s it, Enjoy using internet through your android phone.