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Internet Access Service

How can we help? is a comprehensive online internet access service providers directory.

Our goal is to provide every possible piece of information (like plans, prices, reviews, deals) on internet access services to our visitors.

Browse through our website, you will find tones of information on high speed internet services. In fact you can compare various internet access service providers for their plans and prices. You can read their reviews.

You can also search best high speed internet services by zip code. We do have list of service centers with their address and phone number for top nation-wide internet service providers.

What you need to know before buying any internet service?

First and foremost question is what internet speed are you looking for and what are you going to use your internet for?

Answer of this question will help to determine the type of internet service you should have. There are different types of internet services available in market. Let’s understand them from the speed aspect.

Dial up internet access

Download Speed: 56 Kbps, Best for Internet surfing and Email, Required a telephone line

DSL internet access

Download Speed: up to 24 Mbps, Best for Internet Surfing, Email, Download Movies, Download Music, Live Streaming and Internet Gaming.

Cable internet access

Download Speed: up to 25 Mbps, Best for Internet Surfing, Email, Download HD Movies, Download Music, Live Streaming, Video Conferencing and Internet Gaming.

Wireless internet access

Download Speed: up to 1.4 Mbps, Best for Internet Surfing, Email, Chat and Download Music.

Satellite internet access

Download Speed: up to 2 Mbps, Best for Internet Surfing, Email, Chat and Download Music.

Once you have determined this, Go to our ‘search by zip code’ section and find out available internet service providers for that particular type of internet service in your zip code.

We have list of providers with their plans, prices, reviews and other details. Analyze and compare their plan. Select the one suited your budget. You can sign up right from there or you can call them.

Top Nation-wide ISPs with their basic plan, You can click on provider name to know about their other plans.

Dial-Up ISP Providers

Unlimited Dial Up
$9.95* / Month
56 Kbps

Enjoy unlimited dial-up Internet service, email with spam/virus protection, and more. No credit card required!
Email Storage* 1-2 GB
Basic Dial Up
$9.99 / Month
56 Kbps

Unlimited dial-up access with TopSpeed technology* to help you get to Web sites faster.
7 AOL screen names
Video-on-demand and AOL Radio with 200+ radio stations.
AOL Security products.
Earthlink Dial Up
As low as $9.95 / Month for first 3 months*
$21.95 / Month thereafter
56 Kbps

FREE Accelerator lets you surf the Web up to 7x faster
FREE protection from viruses, spyware, & hackers
Unlimited dial up access nationwide
Easy email with Web Mail, 8 addresses & built-in protection
FREE 24/7 support from our dial up experts
Free Web space—to let you build a personal home page

DSL Providers

Pro Internet
$19.95 / Month
Downstream speeds up to 3 Mbps

AT&T Mail includes 10 email accounts with virtually unlimited storage, POP access, SPAM guard and email forwarding.
Virus and spyware protection – Detects, blocks, and removes viruses, spyware, and adware before they get to your PC.
Pop-Up Catcher to prevent annoying pop-up ads.
Includes on-the-go access to AT&T's entire national Wi-Fi network at no extra charge.
High speed Internet
$24.99 / Month For One Year
Download Speed up to 1 Mbps

9 email accounts.
10 MB of personal Web space (create your own blog or Web page).
A wireless router (online orders only) at no extra cost -- a $34.99 value.
No Contract.
Not required to have verizon home phone
1.5 Mbps
Start at $14.95 / Month for 12 months when you bundle
Download Speed up to 1.5 Mbps

Cost to Activate
FREE when Bundled with Qualifying Home Phone Plan
Cost to Install
Self Install

Cable Internet Providers

$29.99 / Month for 6 months
Download Speed up to 15 Mbps

Download speeds up to 15 Mbps with PowerBoost
Surf the net, download music, upload photos and chat with friends at speeds way faster than DSL
Constant Guard—the most comprehensive online protection ($360 value)
7 email accounts, each with 10 GB of storage
More than 3,500 live games on
Backed by the Comcast 30-day money-back guarantee.
Time Warner
Broadband Standard
Download Speed up to 10 Mbps

10 Free Email Accounts.
You can add mobile broadband service with this package for one low monthly add-on charge.
Internet Starter
$14.99 / Month for 6 months
Download Speed up to 1 Mbps

LIVE online sports coverage from
Enjoy live, online coverage of your favorite sports with up to 3,500 games a year. FREE Cox Security Suite powered by McAfee.
FREE Installation and additional savings when you order online!*
$19.99 / Month
Download Speed up to 1 Mbps

Surf internet, instant messaging and email without the hassle.
Include free access to

Wireless Internet Access Providers

For Computer
$60 / Month

Data amount 5GB / Month.
Overage $0.05/GB.
Two year contract required.
For Tablet/Netbook
$30.00 / Month

Data amount 2GB / Month.
Overage $10.00/GB (Overage charges occur when you exceed your plan's monthly allowance.)
3G Broadband for Computer
$45.00* / Month
Download Speed up to 1.4 Mbps

No contract required.
No Overage.
No Catch.
Ideal for web browsing, Email, Chat and Social media.
Sprint 4G USB U600
$59.99 / Month**
Download speed 10 Mbps

Free USB Modem.
Unlimited Usage.
Coverage to selected cities.
it plays well with Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems.
Classic - Overage - Free Plus
$39.99 / Month

Up to 2 GB monthly high speed mobile broadband Web access
No overages! (After 2 GB, data speeds may be reduced)
Two-year agreement

Satellite Internet Services

$39.99 / Month*
Download speed up to 1 Mbps

24/7 technical support
5 Email accounts
Perfect for photo sharing, email, and social networking
Value Package
$49.95 / Month for 12 months
Download speed up to 512 Kbps

Free F-secure anti-virus/ anti-spyware software for 12 months
5 Email accounts
High speed Satellite Internet Value pack
$54.95 / Month
Download speed up to 512 kbps

Bowse web, email, social media and share picutes with your family and friends.
Spam and anti-virus filtering are included.
24/7 technical support

Disclaimer: is an independently owned and operated website. Every attempt has been made to collect and present accurate information as of the applicable publication date. However all price information is presented WITHOUT guarantee. See the provider's website online application for more information about the plan, price, terms and conditions for the services offered. This website is only for information purpose. You can send your feedback at